Manic Spectrum

So many songs run through my mind

That describe the life I’ve come to know

Like the tears that fall and then glisten

As they solidify on cold snow

“So take a good look at my face, you see my smile seems out of place…”

Smokey sang with all his heart

Did he know the thoughts I would one day share?

The face that has known the depths of despair?

All the shading and the contours and the clairol

Cannot hide the sorrow one has come to know

The highs and extremes and inbetweens

Followed by the weak and the meek and the low

Jimmi Hendrix, he said it best…

“Manic Depression is a Frustrating Mess”

Life is a spectrum of moods I at times detest

Do you now look at me, and think of me less?

A breath of fresh air, bubbly and free

But sometimes I could holler, “oh no, that’s not me”

“Makes me wanna holler, and throw up both my hands…”

Marvin Sang..

“What’s goin’ on, What’s goin’ on”

In my head it rang

Pounding and pounding and pummeling me so

A psychological “TKO”

And then….

“I can see clearly now, the rain has gone..”

The Purple Rain, it fell hard and strong

But the “seasons change, feelings change”

No, it’s not so long

Won’t be  long

I think it won’t be long…

“It’s alright, it’s alright, I think it’s gonna be alright

Everything’s alright”

And then…


Like A River

“Take me to that River, Wash Me Down

Cleanse My Soul, Put my feet on the ground”

My feet

They are on the ground

Until we meet again…

O Manic Spectrum








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I am a wife, mother, RN, make-up artist, and musician, who also happens to have a mood disorder. Fortunately, I will not let the latter define me. I am also a survivor of suicide loss. This website is dedicated to my brother, Jefferson Joseph Blanton-Harris ("Joey"). This site is to share thoughts about beauty, fashion, and most of all, mental health. Because fabulousness starts with good mental health! ~"I only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rain" - Prince

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