Why Do We Hate?

Why do we hate our brothers and our sisters? On this anniversary of 9/11, I am wondering about this. It takes so much energy to hate. Bad ju ju. It is much more pleasant to love. It may seem harder, but really it isn’t. Hatred starts in our hearts as judgement, disdain, disapproval, resentment, and unmerited fear. It zaps our strength mentally, emotionally, and physically.

If we start with loving ourselves, we have much more room and strength to love others. I am not speaking of selfish love. Just self-respect and  kindness toward ourselves. When we have no bitterness toward ourselves, we have less bitterness toward others.

The horror of 911 did not start on a plane. It did not start in the flight lessons meant to end in destruction. It didn’t start when the perpetrators came to our country to wreak havoc. It started in their hearts long, long ago.

It was not just indoctrination, wrong teaching, religion or politics-gone-wrong that caused our enemies to make the wrong choices . It started in the heart, a tiny spark of what seemed like nothing, that eventually set souls afire and  possessed them.

We have more in common with them than we like to think.

If we are to have a peaceful world, we must start with our hearts. We must guard them. We must raise them to a level of love, tolerance, and understanding. It is hard work, but so is everything else in life that is worthwhile. And again, it is much less work and negative energy than the hatred that haunts us.

In this photo, I am wearing a pink shade on my lips that reminds me of love. Pink flowers in the hair remind me of the innocence and love that we felt we lost on 911, but indeed we did not. Pure, kind, innocent love is what we have left. It may seem superficial or shallow to share this photo. Reflecting love in our countenance helps spread love to the world, however. It doesn’t have to be a face full of make-up. It is a twinkle in the eye, a kind glance, a gentle smile. Your countenance can reflect love.

It is what the world needs more of, as the song says.

Don’t wait. Start today. Start with love….

In memory of the victims and heroes of 911, you are loved. Never forget….



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I am a wife, mother, RN, make-up artist, and musician, who also happens to have a mood disorder. Fortunately, I will not let the latter define me. I am also a survivor of suicide loss. This website is dedicated to my brother, Jefferson Joseph Blanton-Harris ("Joey"). This site is to share thoughts about beauty, fashion, and most of all, mental health. Because fabulousness starts with good mental health! ~"I only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rain" - Prince

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